PLSG Capital Investment Programs


Connecting life sciences ventures with working capital

Capital is the key to unlocking the full potential of new life sciences discoveries. As western Pennsylvania’s only organization solely focused on the biosciences industry, Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse (PLSG) is in the best position to help take life sciences innovations to the market. We apply our deep understanding of the process, challenges and economic potential of life sciences innovations in developing Capital Investment Programs that will get a company up and running.


PLSG’s Technology Development Fund is a competitive funding program designed to further our mission of creating local economic benefit. The basis for receiving funding is to demonstrate the likelihood that the project will lead to creating regional economic benefit.

PLSG’s Early Stage Fund nurtures seed and early-stage life sciences companies and works to achieve rapid company formation and technology commercialization milestones.

In addition to funding, PLSG’s Business Growth Programs help prime regional life sciences innovators make entry to market and sustain company growth.

Investor opportunities

Our Venture Capital Partnerships helps to guide venture capital firms, angel investors and other investment firms to the emerging opportunities within PLSG Portfolio companies. Since start of operations in 2002, PLSG has committed $20 million into 75 life sciences companies and we have attracted over $900 million in additional capital for these emerging businesses.